My name is Hieu Le and I am running for University Board of Regents.

I believe in Affordable college for everyone, diverse leadership in this state, and energizing esports in Nevada.

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Born and raised in Nevada

My name is Hieu Le and I am running for University Board of Regents, District 7. I am 25, Vietnamese American, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently attending UNLV for a Masters in Public Administration and working for Safekey within Clark County.

Intimate with the education system

Being within the Nevada college system for 7 years as a CSN Alumni and UNLV Pandemic Graduate, Me and my peers through my journey have become aware of the problems within our tuition fees and the lack of diverse leaders within colleges. My community wants to improve our college system by splitting up tuition costs between online and in-person classes and creating more social and diverse leadership programs on campus. My community is also ready to bring not just affordable college, but free college classes for all traditional and nontraditional students.

Public servant at heart

I am running to create platforms to stay communicative within our district such as our District 7 Discord. As a leader that helped build 3 student unions at the College of Southern Nevada, engaged 8,000 students to vote on campus at University of Nevada Las Vegas, and an advocate that works with all colleges within the state, I am ready to bring leadership to my state and the families of District 7.